This lectureship honors the vision, hard work, and dedication of Lynn Sauls, ’52, PhD, former chair of what is now the School of Journalism and Communication at Southern Adventist University. Serving as a professor and leader in the department in the 1980s and ’90s, Sauls helped establish this academic area as it exists today. He strengthened the journalism curriculum and grew the department, connecting with industry professionals and encouraging strong writing skills. Following his retirement in 1996, he stayed connected with his alma mater, serving as an adjunct instructor for a number of years. He passed away in 2023 at 90 years old, Sauls recently publishing two books: It Seems to Me and Seasonal Poems: From May to Christmas and from January to Easter

This annual lecture series celebrates Sauls’ legacy by inviting prominent journalists and top communication professionals to campus to inspire a new generation of truth seekers, storytellers, and influencers. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission!  Your generosity will help us reach our goal of inspiring the next generation of truth seekers and storytellers.