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Your charitable gift for Vision Trips will help Southern Adventist University students serve in the Arctic Mission, Mexico, and several other locations around the world.  These short-term trips last from 6-14 days and can be life-changing for students whether they are helping in a medical clinic, preaching, building, or interacting and sharing Christ in a variety of ways. They also provide valuable opportunities for students to apply what they're learning in school in a practical way.

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Giving Policy:

Contributions made for an intended purpose, such as a mission trip, will be used as specified. However, all contributions shall become the sole property of Southern Adventist University and are non-refundable under all circumstances. If your selected project is already funded, or if you do not indicate a preference, your tax-deductible gift will go to help the project that needs the most support

Contributions made directly to a student's tuition account are not tax-deductible by IRS policy and should not be made on this page. 
To help a specific student, call the cashier's office at 423-236-2826.